Thursday, January 31, 2008

Truly an Under-rated Singer!!

Highly underrated!…This is my favorite song in Feist’s “The Reminder” Album, it’s one of those songs that you can play over and over again and not get bored of it and helps in uplifting your spirit (sort of like my nightcrawler’s post ;) )…I love the video too :)

Anyway, I wanted to start the weekend with a positive note and this song does help in making sure of that :). Just a warning to all, if you see a car in the streets with this song blasting and the passengers inside are bopping their head like crazy then either join in or just keep driving on :p

Personal Note:
- Agent B: Always stay strong!...Does that mean there’s no Abdulmajeed ;)
- 3ash Wagif: Next time we’re going to play some MJ songs and your going to have to bust a move ;) lool
- H & S: Decide on something! :p
- HZ: Uhm, I keep forgetting…what was it again? :)
- Noodles: Silence! I kill u :p loool..there’s only so many times you can play this scene over and over again
- Cayenne: Duuuuudee!...busy at work? I hope the charges for subsequent advices didn’t cause you to turn away ;) hehehe
- B: What’s for dessert :D
- Cheeks: only 1 kilo!? :p
- Maze: Stop with the CA pictures!!..hehehehe…3awart galbna, I’m missing OC :/
- SP: Thanks for the latest podcast!! Amazing mix..great choice of songs :) Yet, I prefer one of the podcasts to the others ;)

- Mosan: Remind me again where does Man U stand in the PL table ;)

Monday, January 21, 2008


A friend sent me this link yesterday and I have been playing it non-stop!!...This song brings back so many crazy memories, remember those cheesy high school parties that took place in the school gym/hall ;) wearing checkered blouses)

Well people, enjoy the song :) hope it makes you get up and dance or at least shake your head from side to side...WARNING: if at work, you will loose all concentration on job related issues :p

Something To Think About: Would anybody like to share some crazy memories of theirs, that were brought about from this song ;)

Personal Note:
- Agent B: No arsenal jerseys for the kids!! only Machester United :p...Have fun on the weekend ;)
- Vicini: uhm, I don't think they're crackers. They taste like boxed waffle cones :/ lol
- 3ash Wagif: going back once your in Q8!
- Cayenne: Abort plan!! visiting hours have been closed until further notice :p...hehehe..don't stress me out..
- Noodles: Goodluck!
- Z: I'm waiting for that old skool mix ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

As if Islam needs one more bizarre person...

Please don't think by me posting this article that I'm an avid follower of Britney Spears and her disturbed lifestyle. Her craziness does supply some entertainment for the media, and she sure knows how to deliver that to them quite easily, but there’s some stories of her that you just can’t turn your back to.

I saw this cover page of OK weekly magazine and I as you can notice that the “shocking news” is her wanting to get pregnant again, no comment. However, to me, the shocking news is of her wanting to convert to Islam..lool.. Now, that’s ridiculous. Hey, good for her if she wants to convert, I’m sure the brotherhood of Islam will welcome her with open arms and will definitely show her the righteous path to becoming wholesome (yeah right)…It’s so fascinating how she can so easily convert from Christianity to Kabala and now Islam, I mean does it even matter anymore.

Something To think About: Do you think she’s really troubled or just seeking attention?

Personal Notes:
- Agent B: Dude, we need to catch up on the latest news ;)…I’m still waiting for my Fish & Chips :p
- Vicini: Just to piss off your new colleagues, see if you can get your hands on a new company car or credit card ;) lol...Now that would really get them talking..hehehehe
- 3ash Wagif: weeeeek weeeeek weeeeek ;p shino ya3ni..
- Just Jack: Go for the bike :)
- Cayenne: Wait, how do you pronounce it again? In.. ;)…Have you realized that I haven’t been back to Starbucks since that gloomy day :(
- H & S: You guys are driving me crazy!! Lool…and it’s not my fault that you’ve locked yourself out from accessing the net ;)
- Leenz: Congratulations!! I’m so happy to hear about the good news :)

- Maze: 7imdillah 3al salamah :) Hope you had loads of fun! Now I want to go to the states :/
- SP: Hasaaan Chop ;)...happy now :p