Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Why do some people act different or crazy when they are dating?...

When I say different, I don't mean the speechless/clumsy acts when a person you fancy passes by, I'm implying to when people try to be someone they are not just to impress someone.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Astro Boy Movie...

It's Official!! Astro Boy movie will finally be coming to us on the big screen in 2009..The movie is being produced by Imagi, the same group that brought us TMNT, and like TMNT it will be a full CGI animation...

The images on top are the latest and only preview of the movie (In the 2nd image, doesn't that look like an old R2D2?)...Can't wait to see it!!...It sure will bring back good memories :)

Personal Notes:
Agent B: Maybe it's a sign ;)
3ash Wagif: shda3wa ya m3awad, 3a6na wayh :p
Leo: Have a safe trip and enjoy it :)
FM: Next time i see you, remind me to kick ur ass :)
S & A: Good job! high five's to all..now, time to start on the next mission :D
NN: Go Red SOX!!
Sir Alex Ferguson & Man U team: We're all rooting for a win! GO REDS!! :)

Friday, October 19, 2007


Anger is another lonely place...Which is why I refuse to use hateful words that escalate anger. Always remember that friends are empowering and enemies are dis-empowering

Something To Think About: What do you think would happen if you put your feelings back inside of you?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

One Of Those...Religion

"Religion is an inescapable element in the current cultural melting pot"

Our planet has undergone drastic changes and it has become notably difficult to stand up for ethical values in an ever-changing, globalising world...

Personal Notes:
Agent B: Dude, what happened to that tour you promised me ;p
Vicini: House to urself again..hell ya :D
3ash Wagif: yimkin ee ;)
Z: I'm not random!
Bro: What to play? Halo 3, Halo 3, Halo 3...hmm, to difficult to decide..lol
S & A: Enough with the meetings! :p

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lupe Fiasco Joins Forces with Maharishi...

To commemorate the release of his new album “The Cool”, Lupe Fiasco has gotten together with Dr. Romanelli and Maharishi, UK style house, for a special collaboration. The album is set to release on 18th December

I first got to know about Lupe from Kanye West’s song “Touch The Sky” and ever since, I’ve been listening to his unique style of mixing music genres. Lupe has been characterized, by many, as one of the forefront in modern rap from his underground remixing to his involvement in streetwear culture. I love the fact of how he tends to incorporate his background and Islamic faith into his singing and music producing as well as album covers (as seen above). For instance, in his Food & Liquor album he starts with reciting a verse from the Quran. And now his latest innovation is the album cover with his name constructed in the form of Arabesque calligraphy. (Just in case it takes you awhile to see it; in the round circle you will notice from the top left a shape of an L and then U.P.E. Under that you will see an F then an i, small a, and s.c.o)

Below, one of Lupe's songs that I enjoy listening to the most, is "Daydreaming." I love the partnership with Jill Scott, it gives it that jazzy feeling.

Personal Notes:
Agent B: I see your busy being cleaning personnel ;) Miss ya dude
Vicini: I think we're ancient history when it comes to giving us 3idiyya :(
3ash Wagif: Congrats on the bike...and dude, next time pass by cause you don't want to miss the laughter :)...Btw, the news that u informed me about, i still can't get to believe it :/
S: I expect to hear better news next time! :p
T & T: it's a love/hate relationship..lool ;)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

WARNING: Hungry Bunny Franchisee..

Just an update to my "Boycott phony Hungry Bunny" post...
WARNING: The image above is a public notice placed by AL-Homaizi Group in the newspapers as a warning towards all as well as to the Saudi company, that claim to be the original Hungry Bunny franchisors, that they will take any necessary lawful action needed towards protecting their Hungry Bunny brand name and logo from wrongfully being used by any who are considering of opening a Hungry Bunny outlet in Kuwait.
Something To Think About: What is your opinion on this case?
Personal Notes:
Agent B: Miss ya dude :/
Vicini: Who would have thought that we would end up skirmishing over Patchi chocolates..lol ;p
3ash Wagif: I still can't believe it dude :/
Girls: hmm..when do i get to try it :p
Leo: Enough with the burgers! :p..lol

Monday, October 08, 2007

Boycott phony Hungry Bunny !!

After reading VHB’s Hungry Bunny post, I figured an explanation has to be placed in order so as to protect the original brand and not allow those Hungry Bunny ads in the newspapers to mislead the public.

Just a quick history of Hungry Bunny, for those of you who might be too young to remember and/or not familiar with the brand :/…Hungry Bunny is a local concept that was created in the 80’s and established in Kuwait by Al-Homaizi Foodstuff (current franchisees of Burger King & Pizza Hut in Kuwait). First branch opening was in Kaifan, which was one of the successful one’s (remember the big playground and inflatable bouncing castle), followed by 26 branches all around Kuwait. The menu was slightly smaller than competition, yet it made up for it in product quality & flavor, and the loyalty connection that people had for the brand was inexpressible. Unfortunately, Hungry Bunny was closed down in 1996 due to an obligatory agreement that the company attained with Burger King International in order to obtain the Burger King franchise in Kuwait, yet they still kept rightful ownership of the brand. In spite of this, till this day, people still speak highly about Hungry Bunny and are always hopeful to have the chance again to bite into a Super bunny or Chicken fillet sandwich with onion rings :) (damn, that brings back good memories)…

Now your probably wondering why something so good, should be boycotted? Well, one thing’s for sure, I don’t want my cherished memories to be tarnished by a fake brand. Fake, you ask? Yes Fake!! The Hungry Bunny ads (shown above) that have been publicized in the newspapers for the past 2 days are not the original concept that was created in Kuwait. The ads are of a Saudi owned company that, coincidently, started up the brand right after the closing of Hungry Bunny in Kuwait. They have deliberately managed to duplicate the entire concept from A to Z (i.e. menu, design, “I’m so hungry” slogan and logo!). They’ve taken all the hard work and devotion that was placed into the brand by Al-Homaizi Foodstuff and claimed it as their own.

This frustrating issue not only causes annoyance, by the people who started the brand, but also damages the concept by brand abuse. Brand abuse is the unauthorized use of logos and images as well as the use of hidden and visible texts. A common scenario of brand abuse is for example let’s say I open a fast food restaurant, Hungry Bunny World, and use the Hungry Bunny logo or an extremely similar one. A consumer may mistakenly assume that my restaurant is part of, or affiliated with Hungry Bunny. If my store doesn't have the same high standards and practices as Hungry Bunny, then Hungry Bunny has been damaged.

Which is why these ads must be stopped and boycotting the fake Hungry Bunny should be encouraged in order to not severely damage the fame of the original Hungry Bunny brand that we all grew up loving and appreciating …Solution is: Take some action and don’t just let it go. Word of mouth can be the best form of advertising.

Personal Notes:
TO ALL: Please forward this message and relate your thoughts !! Please don’t allow this malicious event to continue.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Real LIFE Transformer!!

"And now, the end is here..."...This is brilliant!! For me, this is the perfect combination of two of my favourite things :) Transformers and 1950's American Jazz (Frank Sinatra/Nat King Cole)..I can't ask for anything better than that, apart from a better quality image of the video clip :/ (sorry about that guys)

Something To Think about: Do you think there's somebody in there OR it's a CG (Computer Graphics)?

Personal Notes:
Agent B: “Back in the Market”..lool ;p
Vicini: I think gourmet has lost its touch ;)
3ash Wagif: “whats up….” (why bother asking the same question if u know what the answer is..lool)
Just Jack: Dude, where u at!?!
Noodles: I think now we can have porridge ;) hehehe
Leo: Hope your feeling better :/
Bro: I know it’s not a Transformer if it doesn’t transform :p

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Anime Commercial for Louis Vuitton...

Superflat Monogram...Above commercial was created by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton

My brother traveled to Japan this summer and as usual brought back with him the latest and mesmerizing advancement in high-tech and anime as well as the most up-to-date technology. It’s quite astonishing to see how highly advanced and superior they are in technology, from everyday living to infrastructure, and their never ending capacity to amaze us in their swiftness and speed to escalate. Yet, I sometimes wonder if, for the long term, an excess dependence on technology is a great thing?

Anyway, that’s a different post to discuss about :) But going back to my brother and the video clip...Just to tell you a bit about my brother and his fascination with anything Japan, he’s a huge fan of Japanese anime, comic books, movies and technology. I’m not kidding when I say he’s a fanatic, I mean he’s been a fan of anime since he was a kid from the time of Guyver, Project A-KO and RG Veda to the latest anime today. I remember back in the day, before English subtitles existed, as a child he would watch original Japanese anime and movies (I still wonder how he was able to understand and speak the language, mashallah)…Now, the reason I am posting this clip is because my brother used to never understand why people, girls in general, were so excited about fashion and, simultaneously, why he was so enthralled in Japanese animation. So when this clip was brought to his attention, due to it being created by one of his idols, he figured that maybe there’s something appealing to fashion, other than the fact that the Japanese citizens love LV :) For that reason, he thought that this clip is a perfect way of showing appreciation into the uniqueness behind fashion and anime as well creating an interest in some towards either one, when they wouldn’t have previously given each a chance let alone bother paying attention to it…

Personal Notes:
Agent B: Emotional Diarrhea ;p
Vicini: Stop trying to get sick leaves and go back to work :p
Noodles: Your doing great!...Struggling in the beginning will lead to greater things in the end J
3ash Wagif: Dude, postpone your trip and I hope your were kidding about the whole engagement thing :/
Mosan Mosan: Your “before futour dreams” are not helping at all when we’re at work :/ hehehe..
Spicy Pepper: Where you at? J
Maze: hmmm..Millionaire? Scary thought
Bro: Your notion will inspire a lot and might actually work…that’s a first, lol :p