Monday, July 02, 2007

GM Transformers!!

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye....Being an 80's kid, one of my most favourite cartoons to watch was Transformers. So you can imagine how anxious I am to watch this movie, as are loads of people. Yet, as a kid watching the cartoon, to me Transformers have always seemed as cool and expensive cars (i.e. BMW, Mercedes, etc..) Apparently, to my surprise, the latest Tranformer versions are Chevy's, Pontiacs and Buicks :/ Now, whats so cool about those cars :S

Anywayz, that's still not going to stop me from watching the movie :) However, check out the youtube clip's the entire TV campaign for the General Motors "Transform Your Ride" promotion...very cool, especially the one with Optimus Prime :)
Also, check this site out!! Chevy Autobot (choose your autobot and battle)

Something To Think About: What would you wish your Transformer vehicle to be? :)

Personal Notes:
- Agent B: Hope you don't find a lizard at your new location ;p...Watch out for those pancakes ;p..miss ya dude
- Vicini: Battle of the Dj on the sea side ;p.."I'm all alone!!"..lool
- 3ash Wagif: Me no like you :p
- Just Jack: No more landan for u!! it drains u physically and emotionally ;p
- Noodles: Marshmallows microwaved..mmmm :D
- NZ: u are crazy dude..lool
- Spicy Pepper: podcast? ;)