Friday, June 29, 2007

Paris Hilton Gets Disregarded!!

FINALLY, a reporter with guts & has an interest in reporting REAL news rather than the foolish, meaningless rubbish thats being aired non-stop and enforced upon on all to watch!..I mean, how sad is a society when thay start paying more attention to a celebrity being jailed for DUI then concentrating on the political and environmental issues, or just the day-to-day hardships, that are going on around the world...It basically shows you people's priorities in life :(

Hey, I'm not the perfect example, i mean i'd take watching football or the History channel over anything, but I'm just fed up from all the hype over the Paris Hilton issue! It's so old news! move on to something interesting...

Something To Think About: What's your say on this? And, what do u think the next media hype should be? :)

Personal Notes:
- Agent B: dude, ur in the picture!!..lool..ur famous, can i have ur autograph ;p
- Vicini: yalla mita fe number 5 ;) we need someone who can hook us up..yalla im counting on u to make it happen :D loool (chinna 9ij)
- 3ash Wagif: dude, don't miss DJ Tiesto (would luv to be there :/)
- Just Jack: hmmm...i see landan is growing on u :) *e7im..e7im..chocolates* :D
- Noodles: ur 2AM marble fondue killed me last night time we'll experiment with something else and add cold berries to it :D
- S: chinna yabeela ba7ar oo gelato :D
- Armani: int 7addik bada3t ams ;p next time, remind me not to get on ur bad side..hehehe

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Britian's Got Talent...Winner!

Knowing that I enjoy classical music, a friend of mine from London sent me this link. When watching the first video clip, I thought it was probably going to be a "poke-fun of" clip but once he opened his mouth and singing came out of his voice..I was flabbergasted!! He's absolutely brilliant! He truly is a "lump of coal who will be transformed into a diamond"...I still get goosebumps when the song starts to pick up :)

(Warning: if you don't enjoy listening to Opera singing then this video is not for you :p)

Paul Potts Audition (A must see clip!)

Paul Potts singing in the Final

Personal Notes:
- Qadsawi Malakee!! :D
- Agent B: 36 ? ;p...lool
- Vicini: Burger ille bil Faiha ;)
- 3ash Wagif: yimkin Kuwait Club mo qawi ;p
- Noodles: Next time we'll do Oreo stuffed with peanut butter :D
- Mizo: it was great seeing ya dude :)
- Lestat: Hope you get better soon.."Whatever!!" :D
- Bro: When in a hurry, don't shave..Ouch :/ loool

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Seafood Restaurant in Q8!!..

Seven Seas..."Starting in Kuwait, invites you (and your taste buds) to delve into a tantalizing trip across the various seas and its respective seafood cuisine."

NOW OPEN: Seven Seas!! This fabulous modern waterfront restaurant compromises of enjoyful high quality Seafood dishes, elegant décor & unrivaled sea views..Situated on the Gulf street, within the Burj Al Hamam building, it encompasses impeccable 180 degree Sea views! Once you step into the restaurant you truely become part of a unique experience....I truely enjoyed my time there, thanks for the invite :) and all I can say is, you have to go there to experience it :)

Restaurant: Seven Seas
Location: In the Burj Al Hamam Building, Gulf street, on the 1st Floor
Serving: Seafood cuisine for lunch and dinner
Reservation number: 2564391/92

Personal Note:
- I would like to say that the exterior picture of burj al hamam (on top) was taken by Fonzy.
- Agent B: focus group? free ipod? hmmm...yimkin :D
- Vicini: So, what kind of milk? fat free, low fat or full fat ;p
- 3ash Wagif: Thanks for the surprise dude :) truely meant a lot..
- Just Jack: Maltesers :D
- J: Charlize theron ;p lool
- N & N: Hope u guys learnt from that experience :/
- Maze: Positive thinking :D
- FM: dude..wainik!
- Guys!! its tanning season :D

Monday, June 04, 2007

Defining A Dream...

“Dreams that do come true can be as unsettling as those that don't.”

Dreamcatcher...Originated in the Ojibwa Nation, is used as a charm to protect sleeping children from nightmares. The Ojibwa believe that a dreamcatcher filters a person's dreams.

Yesterday night I had a dream, well I’m not sure if I can say it was a dream, more of a nightmare cause it wasn’t a happy ending :/…The dream started with me leaving work and bumping into one of my close friend’s grandfather, a loving gentleman who I have known since I was 10, and he started asking the standard questions, which they usually do, about family and work. It was a quick 5 minute conversation and then we each said our goodbyes and went our separate ways…Next day, as I was walking towards my office building, I pass the building where my friend’s grandfather works in and I notice that the whole building is shut down and closed for the day. I see an old guard, with a sad face, standing in front of the main door and I walk towards him to inquire about the closing of the building. He shockingly informs me that my close friend’s grandfather has passed away…I instantly woke up in disbelief from the dream as a result of the fright that I got from hearing this information :( I couldn’t go back to sleep after that…I’m still pondering about the dream and I have no idea what it meant; would any of you know what it could mean?

Something To Think About: Why do we dream?

Personal Notes:
- Agent B: "That's me in the corner!..That's me in the spotlight, Loosing my religion!"
- Vicini: i didn't get to finish listening to that song that u downloaded..that kid kept changing the songs :)
- 3ash Wagif: thanks for the talk :) and goodluck!
- Just Jack: Enjoy the trip ;)
- Noodles: Goodluck with ur exams!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Day The Music Died...

"A long, long time ago I can still remember how that music used to make me smile..."

The Day the Music Died… I never really got to say good-bye to him, even when I was there to watch him die. A piece of me still wishes I could have had one last kiss, one last hug, one last 'I love you' before he went away - one last anything

I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye… Of all the experiences we confront in life, the toughest to face is the sudden, unexpected loss of someone we love. . Loss in itself is painful enough, but sudden loss is shocking. The shock doubles our pain, intensifies our grief and can leave us stunned, lost, and overwhelmed with agony. We may not know where to begin to cope. When we face a sudden loss, all at once we have three overwhelming tasks to deal with: Our grief over the loss of our loved one, the absence of this special person from our daily lives, and the changes in our lives that are caused by this loss. Each is a big task to take on, and each will become a part of our mourning and healing process.

Does loss really become more bearable with the passage of time? Does one ever really recover from a loss? Eventually, one gets to move on and get on with the rest of one's life, but never really fully and completely recovers from it.

Something To Think About: How do you cope with grief?

“No farewell words were spoken. No time to say goodbye.
You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why.
Our hearts still ache in sadness, and secret tears still flow.
What it meant to lose you--no one can ever know.
But now we know you want us to mourn for you no more.
To remember all the happy times, life still has much in store.
Since you'll never be forgotten, we pledge to you today--
a hallowed place within our hearts is where you'll always stay.”

Personal Note:
- Agent B: When r we going to that shop again to get candy ;p
- Vicini: Just remember, we get those circular sugary dessert and a boat :D
- S: sij Damnation :/ hehehehe...i told u not to try it
- Nas: waaaaaaaal
- 3ash Wagif: Hope ur going to that Battle of the Dj concert
- Just Jack: So, what kind of business is this that gets u traveling so much ? ;)
- N Girls: Wish i was at the Aerosmith concert with u guys :/
- Family: Sorry for your loss and thanks for being there for the support and comfort :'(
- "No More Food!!" lol...
- N, Cixousianpanic, Maze, SP & Mosan: I really appreciate the fact of you being patient with my disappearing act and wording your concerns…Thank You and missed you guys :D
I think you have noticed but I have to confess, sorry, that I haven’t been up to date with the blogsphere :/ So, u guys have to update me ;)