Friday, March 23, 2007

Quote of The Day

"Unfortunately, it is quite easy to be an impatient, inconsiderate, scatterbrained Tigger in a society that admires, encourages, and rewards impulsive behavior." (Benjamin Hoff)
Personal Note:
- Agent B: I didn't it expect from you :( Yet, I turned a blind eye to all that occured tonight because it's always hard for me to be upset at you, no matter how bad the incident was..
- Vicini: "No!! I'm fine!....then why is she taking so long in the restroom?" :/ lool
- Trilogy Group: Thanks for a great night!! Hope you enjoyed the after party ;)
- Chef & Cheeks: Good recommendation on the dinner place :* Foie gras was delicious :)
- Boo: You didn't think you would be seeing all of this craziness tonight :p
- Abby: I'm expecting you to shake it at the concert ;)
- Just Jack: I can't believe you went ahead with it :(
- 3ash Wagif: Wish you were here to enjoy the fun with us :/
- Noodles: I'm happy that your putting more effort :*

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Curious, As To Why !?

Can someone tell me Why the Q8 Weather website is blocked!! I've been trying to access the site since yesterday and all I've been getting is that damn image on top :/

Hey, don't get any wrong ideas that I'm a devoted reader of the site and keen on knowing the weather. Yet, I like checking this site from time to time due to the fact that it's a local site and is updated daily, even though sometimes the updates/warnings are a bit late ;p hehehehe

Something to Think About: I'm Curious as to why they would block this site?

Mishaal Al Roumi: Goodluck with trying to get ur site back on! Dude, get on the radio in the morning! You want us to start a petition for ya ;)

Personal Notes:
- Vicini: Chinna il morning sessions ga3da tit'akhar ;p
- Agent B: When are you going to show us what you learned from the Carmen DVD ;) lool!
- 3ash Wagif: Would have been fun if you could have joined us this weekend :(
- FM: 3aash min sima3 9outak ;) Dude, next time don't disappear chithi!
- Just Jack: Hope ur having fun..Be careful from those 3am calls ;p
- "Gang": Who's going to be babysitting the pool ;)
- Cheeks: It's quite amazing that that guy decided to settle down :o

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cartoons: 80's or 90's ?

Growing up, we've all experienced the enjoyment of watching cartoons and there's nothing that can explain the pleasure that we receive out of it . Some of us have grown out of that phase and the rest refuse to grow out of it because they can't accept the fact of growing up ;p (kidding)

Being an 80's child it's difficult for me to connect with the cartoons these days, apart from Dexter's Laboratory ;) (hey! dexter is hilarious)...There's nothing like the 80's cartoons, they were very simple back then, the colors were faded and sometimes you had a characters' mouth movements un-synchronized with the sound..LOL!...I remember when I was 6, summer in the States was all about Muppet Babies, The Wuzzles and GI Joe. I then moved on to Transformers, Dungeon & Dragons and Silverhawks (that was my fav!) ....This post is not intended to make the 80's cartoons better than the 90's cartoons or vice versa. I guess every generation has its own likes and dislikes..I'm always up for watching 80's cartoons anytime! :)

(Intro to 80's Cartoons)

(Intro to 90's cartoons)

Something To Think About: What were your favourite cartoons growing up?

Personal Note:
- Agent B: Intay ib koubrich cartoon..LOL!! ;p (reminder: Bugs Bunny teeth..hahaha)
- Vicini: So, enjoying the promotion so far ;)
- 3ash Wagif: You remember when we were kids we used to act like the Thundercat and He-Man characters..LOL!! "Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats! HOOOOOOO! " I used to always beat the guys up :/
- Just Jack: Easy on the Swiss cheese..lool
- Sindus: Remember when u used to make me watch Jem with u..hahaha...I can't believe you purchased "My Little Pony" and "Rainbow Brite"
- Noodles: You need to put more effort in ur work!!
- FM: When will you continue with this relationship issue..You need to decide on what you want and go with it. Stop acting childish!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

What's So funny with "Overboard"!!

Someone Please Explain To Me What Is So Funny with this Movie!! :/

I'm sitting with the gang in the tent, minding my own business, and in walks one of our Dr. friends...The tent went from group chats about politics and the latest gossip to hysterical fall down laughter and all kind of snort sounds being released..lool..Bare in mind, most of these people are in their 30’s and they were uncontrollably sobbing from excessive laughter..I couldn’t understand what they were laughing about but their laughter was sure as hell contagious!! hahahaha :)

Some of the funny comments about the movie that I was capable to understand, were:

"We're at sea, and I'm a GOD at sea!"
"Tofuuuuuuuti... Tofuuuuti Klein!"
"I'm a short, fat slut."
"Do we have a straight jacket on board? I always carry one, yes."
"ANNIE GOOLAHEY... Where in God's name did I grow up, Dogpatch?"

Now, they have calmed down abit and are taking a break from the tons of laughter..hehehehe :)

(Warning: when sudden events like these occur, make sure your not sitting next to someone who is swallowing liquids..Results: splatter everywhere :/)
Personal Note:
- Doc: You didn't think you would find someone who luved that movie as much as u did ;)
- Ice Cream Group: 3aaaash KDD sandawitch..kaak
- Chef & Cheeks: Your always invited, please come again if your going to be bringing with u food..lool. Next time we'll try to swallow rather than inhale..hahaha :)
- Oum S: Don't worry, just take one problem at a time
- Vicini: "Do you love me" stop singing that song!! its going to be stuck in my head again :/
- Agent B: Miss ya babe :*
- Agool, mita ra7 insaw'we a Weight Watcher yam3a ;p

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

KOC 2007 Festival in Ahmadi

Yesterday, I visited the site of the Annual Ahmadi Festival to check out the setup plus the activities that are going to take place for the weekend. The festival seems like a fun excursion for families and kids. I would highly recommended it for families with kids to consider taking a lookt at and trying it out this weekend..**Early Warning: loads of kids running around** :)

Event: KOC Ahmadi Festival
Date of Event: 7th - 9th March, 2007 (On the 7th they will start at 5pm)
Location: Ahmadi, KOC area

Activities That will be held:

- Chocolate Factoy
- Theatre Play
- Mini train ride
- little Circus
- Climbing Wall
- Flying Fox
- Roping Down
- Space Zone
- Balloon Ride
- Kite Workshop
- Laser Show

(I was so excited when I saw this logo!! G Cafe is going to be serving their famous gelato in the fair!! YUMMY!! I'll definately be passing by their booth)

Personal Note:
Agent B: You’d think your craziness will cool down a bit in Milano ;)
Vicini: Shall we go get sandwich ice cream ;p
“Boo Tent”: Next time don’t get that certain person to order the food or we’ll always starve to death..lool :)
3ash Wagif: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!! Hope your going to have a wild night ;) Don’t have too much fun without me..Agool, say hello to Mary Jane ;p

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Can't Get This Song Out Of My Head!!

I Can't Seem to get this song out of my head!! I keep singing the chorus "ha ha ha ha haaa" I love Regina's music style, it reminds me of Tori Amos.

Some of you might know her as the singer who sang the title song "Little Boxes" of Showtime's television series Weeds.

Personal Note:
- Cixousianpanic: Thought you would like this post being that you are a Soviet Kitsch fan ;)
- Agent B: No more add-ons!! Pucker up those lips..lool
- Vicini: Welcome Back!! My tummy thanks you for the delicious chocolates :)
- Luna: Hope your feeling better
- Ivy: Congrats on the acceptance!
- Just Jack: So, how was the double date ;
- FM: Wainik mikhtife
- Chef & Cheecks: Spanish Embassy..loool ;)
- 3ash Wagif: Missing ya dude...Dude, pick Chicago! that way i'll have a place to stay at when I come to visit ;)
- Abady: Wish you were here :( This song reminds me of our Tori Amos days, remember Halloween in Santa Monica.."Fairy Dust"