Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

If you're feeling a little lonely today then, this might cheer you up :)
(He starts to break it down around 2:15!)

Personal Note:
- I didn’t want to post about Valentine’s, being that everyone would, but I couldn’t resist this :\
- Cixousianpanic: Me sorry..Me sorry :(
- Agent B: I wonder how your Valentine’s is ;p
- Vicini: Happy Birthday!!
- Just Jack: Hell ya your going to give me a ride on the hog!
- 3ash Wagif: Are we going to see u before you leave L

- To the Single’s gang: Enjoy partying tonight ;)
- PS: This is my first Youtube post..It’s Cixousianpanic fault!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kuwaiti Style

Kuwait T-Shirts....These amazing shirts were designed by a Kuwaiti female..The t-shirt's design has this urban style to it which gives it a trendy look...It's great to see young hard working Kuwaiti entrepreneur's start up and establish their own concepts/ideas. There are lot of Kuwaiti's out there who are very talented and have great potential, but sometimes encounter some hardships along the way. Which is why i believe we should always try to assist and support local talents!!...Show your support and patriotism by purchasing one of these t-shirts, I already did!

About the T-shirts:

The t-shirts are a vintage take of the old Kuwaiti flag. The t-shirt iteself is from American Apparel and is not only sweatshop free, but incredibly soft, printer-friendly and of great quality. The t-shirts have a modern and urban edge with a unisex fit which makes it very appealing to all ages, but especially the young. Most importantly, the t-shirt is authentic - something people can purchase from Kuwait, about Kuwait, by a Kuwaiti. The Arabic font spelling out 'Kuwait', although simple, gives the T-shirt a contemporary and different look. Attached is a note that will be pinned to every t-shirt, to give it a personal touch (please see below).

Locations sold at:

Villa Moda, most hotel and airport boutiques, Kuwait Scientific Centre, Kuwait Towers, and online at
In talks with other locations such as AUK, Dar-Al-Athar, Marina Mall etc.


Personal Note:
- Cuteberry: Welcome back! Don't disappear on us again!
- Agent B: Who said I was free ;p...Plus, stop with all the new add-ons
- Vicini: Next time, get sushi instead of chinese ;)
- Just Jack: Dude..don't you know that business trips are an all expense paid trip to party ;)
- FM: You need to wake up and get your act together!
- 3ash Wagif: Weren't u supposed to come to q8 for a visit :(
- Oum N: MABROOK!! I'm so happy for u :) can't wait to see the new addition to the family
- Baby A: Welcome to the family :*
- G: Happy B-day (how do u say it in korean ;p)