Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year...New Beginnings

"The End is but a New Beginning"

January 1 is the mark of a new year, a new beginning. It is a time when the unconquerable mountain in the distance is surmountable; the unattainable is within reach; the impossible is possible. January is perhaps the single month of the year when the walk to the gym is do-able, when brownies are replaced with apples and when Nicorette patches are proudly sported. Year after year, resolutions are made with the best intentions, but as the weeks pass and the novelty wears off, time and again these false promises fade out of existence. Days continue to go by as if no one had ever tried to alter his life at all.

A new year is arriving once again. We've all been through so much. We've been through a long war, dozens of earthquakes and hurricanes, birthdays, elections, re-elections, weddings, deaths, births, and so on...
But here is the thing, we have another chance, another year to make things right. Well of course not everything will go right, things don't always go right, but we can try... maybe for a start we can ask what we ‘truly’ want from our lives in the years ahead.

Happy new year everyone and don't forget to smile… Life is just a game, just a funny game :)

Something To Think About: What are your hopes and dreams for 2007?

Personal Notes:
- Wishing all of you a Happy Eid and Enjoyable New Year Celebrations
- Spicy Pepper & Mosan Mosan: Cheers ;)..SP is walker joining you in the celebrations ;)
- Cixousianpanic: Hope your enjoying your time in Kuwait..Catching up on the latest restaurant and cafe hangouts ;)
- 3ash Wagif: What are our plans for new year? ;)
- Vicini: How was the sushi :)
- Agent B: I know your wearing black, but I can't seem to point you out from all the others :p
- Chef: I'm not going to be drinking your punch!
-To the gang: Hope your having fun in the East and your spicing it up ;) I'm curious to hear about your New Year celebrations
- Abby: It was great seeing you after a long time..I still can't get over the fact of how long its been since I've last seen you! You just wait til I come to LA and we'll definately catch up on all the things that we missed :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Despair....Is to give up all hope or expectation

"The weight of the circling thoughts of despair allow no lighter thoughts to escape"

It is hard for me to keep up hope when I see so much damage to what I love...Despair is like a disease, it eats away from the inside, and by the time the symptoms are recognized, it is probably too late. Despair attacks a person's inner self, it puts pain into most of what they see.

It is obvious that despair overpower us at times and the only healing response I know to the devastating situations we are confronted with every day in the news is to grieve. It's okay to let yourself really mourn at the losses, and to weep when the tears want to come. This is a type of purifying experience which will release energy to get you back into the crisis.

"Despair is not weak;
It is strong.
It fights against our hope.
It fights against our determination.
It fights even against our heart's conviction-light."

Something to Think About: How do you cope with despair?

Personal Note:
- Cixousianpanic: New post for you to stare at ;)...Plus, I'll do the tag thingie as soon as possible ;p...Now, will this post stop you from nagging me about posting a new post ;) Again, thank you :)
- Spicy Pepper: I'm back from being M.I.A ;)...I was thinking the same thing about you
- Vicini: Enjoy the course..We sure are missing the hot weather ;)
- Agent B: So, are we going to New York or what ?! But I don't want to go during the winter season ;)
- 3ash Wagif: Missing you dude...wish you'd come for a few days
- Su: Stop postponing our movie date :p
- Noodles: Goodluck with your exams
- S & S: Hope you get well soon :(
- Dr. Lost: Welcome Back..That was a short hiatus ;)
- Q8 Cuteberry: Where have you gone? We've missed your *giggles*..hehehehe :)