Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Remembering Joy, Remembering Sorrow

Remembering joy, Remembering Sorrow...The image on top literally means "one joy, one sorrow." A wider translation is, "to be glad and sad by turn."

"There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief."

Remembering Joy...Today would have been a day of laughter filled with tears, shared with family and friends..The scent of bukhour, which was purchased just for this special day, would have been all around, as would the sweets and flowers that were specially ordered to show our joy..A day where we would have seen you kiss your parents forehead, showing your endless love for them and assuring them that your now prepared to start a family of your own..A day we see you start a life of your own, life filled with happiness inshallah

Unfortunately, that day did not come. Instead, that day was replcaed with grieve and sadness. The grieve of loosing a loved one who was dear to all and the sadness of having to see that all the flowers and sweets being distributed because they will no longer be used for that happy occasion..Yet, remember this "When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."

Remembering Sorrow...We may run from death and sorrow but we cannot hide, it will find us sooner or later. Who among us have not known the pain of losing someone we love. If you can count yourself among those who have not known that pain consider yourself fortunate indeed, but know that your good fortune will not last forever. We will all face the pain of grieve and sorrow when a person we love will leave this earth but not our hearts. Yet we live in a society that knows no way of recognizing this fact—we will all carry with us the pain of loss.

Something To Think About: Do you think Joy is greater than Sorrow OR Sorrow greater than Joy? ( I believe they both share equal greatness)

Personal Note:

- Sindus: I hope, inshallah, your day of happiness will come soon. The day where you’ll make your parents proud
- Lestat: Dude, WTF!! Your signed in all day! That person has no life
- FM: I see your back to working long hours ;)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Can Lovers be Just Friends?

Can Lovers Be Just Friends?...I believe this is the phrase that people dread in a relationship "let's just be friends"..the phrase that will mean you either loose a lover and a close friend or gain a friend who knows all your secrets.

Is it possible for lovers to go from holding hands and cuddling to keeping a distance between them? Is it possible for lovers to go from an intimate and loving relationship to a friendly/non sexual relationship? Some people think it can be done but i think otherwise, I don't think it's easy and i doubt it's even possible.

Being in a relationship is not easy, it requires a lot of patience, and when feelings are being involved then there is always a risk that one will hurt the other person. And only time will heal the damages. But sometimes time can cause a sort of distance between the relationship where it will make the significant other think about "seeing other people" and when that happens, the question of being just friends is brought up.

I have a friend who went through the same ordeal. Where she fell in love with a friend and eventually their friendship tarnsitioned into a love realtionship. But throught time the guy thought my friend was moving to fast with the relationship and he didn't start having the same feelings for her as she did of him so he asked her if "we could just be friends." Of course, that devasted her but she thought that she would be able to cope with just being friends and she agreed..Big Mistake! Now she has noticed that it's not as simple as she thought it would be :(

Something To Think About: Can ex-lovers be just friends? (I believe the only people who can answer that question are those who are asking it)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wondering What If...

Wondering..."Have you ever wondered which hurts the most? Saying something and wishing you hadn't?, or saying nothing and wishing you had?"

Wondering includes many different emotions including surprise, curiosity, and doubt. Also, reflecting on questions, concerns, and ideas are all part of the wondering phase. It's always easy to think of a thought, acting it is difficult, yet trying to put one's thought into action is the most difficult thing in the world. The ability to put one's thoughts into action requires a lot of mental and physical preparation and the outcome might bring relief to one's soul and not having that regretful feeling hovering on top of you.

I believe that people who wonder can be categorized into two kinds; those who thought and never did, and those who did and never thought. I personally see myself in between those two, I sometimes think and react without thinking of the consequences and then there are times where I want to go ahead with a certain action but don't go ahead with it because I'm not fully confident.

Something to Think About: "Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny."

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why Am I Not Surprised :/

Why Am I Not Surprised ?...They never cease to dissapoint me :( Every new game you built your hopes up that maybe this game they will prove me wrong...Maybe this game they will miraculously become the lively spirit of the old Kuwaiti team that used to intimidate any team, once they stepped onto the field..The team that used to win every Gulf Cup..The team that made us proud to wear the azayrig jersey.

We just finished watching the Kuwait vs. Bahrain match and as you might know by now, we lost 2 - 1 :( The game wasn't that exciting..Bahrain played well during the first half..Kuwait played much better during the 2nd half but it wasn't enough to win the match..Hopefully, next time they'll get their game on

Personal Note:
- Cuteberry: Your on the list! 6alab ba9eet :)...didn't use "last thought" this time :p
- Mosan Mosan: Hope you have an enjoyable weekend ;)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Constructive Criticism...that is, letting someone know about something they do that you don’t agree with.

"An emotional brain is not a thinking brain."

Why is it that whenever we receive criticism, we naturally go through a range of emotions?...Consider the last time someone offered criticism of you at work. Did you really listen to what that person had to say? Did you encourage the person to offer it? Did you give your boss or colleague the benefit of the doubt rather than going into attack mode? Or did you just ignore it? Sometimes it's hard to know what to do and how to react :(

As well, I've noticed that the more devastating the criticism is, the more likely we want to just blow it off. I've discovered that if I'm getting really mad or defensive as someone is offering me criticism, I tend to believe that the person is on to something. But, I always wonder why is it so difficult for us to take on criticism? It's so easy for us to give complaints but when the finger is being pointed on us, that's when it gets hard.

Last thought: Would you take constructive criticism as useful feedback and accept it with an open mind OR jump to conclusion and consider it as destructive complaints?

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Secrets..."If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees." (Khalil Gibran)

I strongly believe that every human being has the same secrets, the secrets that are both very telling and very important to tell. Nobody can deny the fact that they each have secrets of their own, secrets that are hard to keep especially when the secret involves other people. And no matter how much we try to tell ourselves otherwise, the fact that we’re trying to keep them, shows how much power they hold. How fearful we are that their information might leak out :/

Don't people realize that a secret is no longer considered a secret if it is revealed to someone?Why do people bother telling their secrets to someone. It's just going to be exposed, eventually :(

"When a secret is revealed, it is the fault of the man who confided it”

Personal Note:
- Cixousianpanic: Thanks for that last comment..Sorry for not posting but I have been really busy at work the past week! Can you imagine that it's 1:30 am and i just came back home from work :( that basically just tells you how hectic the past week has been
- Dr. Lost: Can't believe your quitting blogging...Are you getting engaged ;) Anywayz dude, you will be missed and it has been an honor to have known you as a blogger friend...Agool, do visit us from time to time :)